Dust from HS2


Many of you will have seen the posts on social media regarding the lack of dust supression mitigation by HS2. The parish council with support from Angela Macpherson at Buckinghamshire Council have been raising this for some time.
EKFB (Main works contractor) is currently compiling a complete response but have replied to say they are carrying out work to minimise dust generation and do have dust suppression measures in locations where the activity has potential to cause dust.
Their dust monitoring results have not identified that the activity has triggered defined levels but they are getting a more detailed response on this aspect from specialists to explain this aspect better.

We are hoping that the environmental health team will also perform monitoring to corroborate these results.
EKFB has also supplied the below photos to show dust mitigation measures they have deployed.

Calvert North Railhead_Dust Suppression System.jpgIMG-20210426-WA0012.jpgWhatsApp Image 2021-04-29 at 14.47.53.jpeg