Council makes ‘Brown Before Green’ pledge to prioritise brownfield site development


Council makes ‘Brown Before Green’ pledge to prioritise brownfield site development

Buckinghamshire Council has begun preliminary work on the Local Plan for Buckinghamshire, which will shape the future for the county’s planning and development. And as it does so, it is clearly stating a policy pledge: Brown Before Green.

The Local Plan for Buckinghamshire will seek to balance the need for new homes and related facilities with the need to protect the natural environment and preserve the special character of the county’s towns, villages and countryside. Brown Before Green is the Council’s policy pledge to use brownfield sites – land that has previously been built on – whenever possible when meeting the development needs that will be set out in the new Local Plan.

And to ensure that there are as many brownfield sites as possible available for redevelopment, the Council is asking Buckinghamshire residents, businesses and landowners to get in touch and provide details of any previously developed sites that might be suitable for addition to the county’s list of possible sites.

Gareth Williams, Buckinghamshire Council Cabinet Member for Planning & Regeneration, said: “Creating a Local Plan for Buckinghamshire will be a demanding and challenging process, as we seek to ensure a strong local economy and good quality of life for all sections of our community, while at the same time looking after our natural environment and local heritage.

“As we get to work on the Local Plan, we’re making a policy pledge we’re calling Brown Before Green. This is an undertaking that we will seek to use brownfield sites for building development under the new Local Plan whenever possible, and only identify greenfield sites when there is no alternative.

“And to support us in this, we’re asking for the help of Bucks residents, businesses and landowners. If you’re aware of any previously built on sites that you feel might be appropriate for redevelopment, then let us know! We’ve opened a new portal that will let you enter details and a geographical location of potential sites so that we can investigate further.”

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