Concrete Batching Plant


The HS2 concrete batching plant (by Calvert railway bridge) was not included in any of the original HS2 plans or documentation and the land was originally earmarked as a satellite compound and materials stockpile. The parish council petitioned in parliament against this plan as an existing local wildlife site, and in such close proximity to residential properties when the main HS2 Infrastructure Maintenance Depot is planned nearby.
We asked that other locations be considered, but were unsuccessful in changing this.
However, soon after royal assent the use of this land was changed to a concrete batching plant. We instantly objected and have continued to oppose it.

There are many types of concrete batching plant. The one identified for Calvert is classed as a temporary ancillary structure and is planned for 5 years but could be kept until up to 2 years after HS2 completion under the act.

This video shows how it will operate. The Calvert plant will be much bigger with 4 silos. This type of concrete batching plant ensures that cement powder is transferred in sealed pipes.

More information is contained in the PDF document below. Buckinghamshire Council Environmental Health is satisfied on the safety of this plant although the parish council has asked EKFB for more information on health and safety which we will share as we receive it.

Additional Documents

concrete batching plant.pdf