Calvert Railway Bridge Closure for 2 years


There is no easy way to dress this up - Calvert Railway Bridge will be closed from 8th November 2023 until Summer 2025. This is while the existing bridge is demolished and a new bridge is constructed. This has been known about for 10 years, but the date has only just been confirmed by EKFB, HS2's main contractor.

The main Edgcott to Gawcott Road will be reopened when the bridge is closed, but it is likely that Addison Road will not open until late December 2023.

EKFB is planning a ‘drop in’ village hall event next month in Calvert Green to provide information on works taking place at Calvert Railway bridge following the closure of Calvert Road. More details will follow, but we have asked that it is late afternoon/evening.

A more detailed document covering the road closure is attached.

Notice of Road Closure Calvert Road Calvert - 08 Nov 23.jpg

Additional Documents

Notice of Road Closure Calvert Road Calvert - 08 Nov 23.pdf