HS2 Road Closure update


The following update was provided by EKFB (HS2 main contractor in our area):

Road closure and disruption to the community: EKFB will not move to the next phase in our road closure programme until both bridges (Addison Road and Twyford Approach Bridge) are fully open to the public. EKFB will then present a detailed programme of phased road closures (with animated slides) for the remainder of 2022 and 2023. Hence, this presentation will therefore be made at the September CALM meeting (date to be advised).

Twyford Approach bridge : this is progressing well and is scheduled to re-open in late August as previously communicated. The central section of the works is complete other than white-lining; the Western section is due to have the surface laid during the first week of August; the Eastern section requires the completion of utility works (end of July), then completion of drainage works (end of July/early August) prior to road surfacing work. In short, we are ‘on schedule’.

Addison Road bridge:this is also progressing well and the only issue creating a risk to delivery is the return of badgers to a former sett, this having been carefully monitored before being closed in 2021. We cannot permanently (and legally) remove the sett until 5th August. The central and northern section of the temporary new road is nearing completion, the Southern section cannot be completed until after 5th August (providing the badgers do not re-habit by digging around/under the fencing). The target completion date remains w/c 15th August.

As always, please raise any incidents, complaints or out-of-hours queries to the HS2 helpdesk on 08081 434 434 or via HS2Enquiries@hs2.org.uk. A copy to engagement@EKFB.com is very helpful as we can sometimes action a response prior to the issue being allocated to EKFB by helpdesk colleagues.

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