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Ground Investigation Works://sites/default/files/1MC06-CEK-SE-CRO-C002-000001%20%281%29.pdf
Contact details for HS2 - helpdesk telephone number: 08081 4343 434    Email:
February - Fusion and HS2 representatives attended the PC meeting. Extract below of the minutes taken for this part of the meeting:-
Cheryl Sneddon (CS) – Community Engagement Manager5 for HS2 Ltd – CS explained her position as the first point of contact for HS2 and the liaison point for Parish Councils and residents. HS2 Ltd are providing drop-in sessions. Simon Griffiths (SG) – explained he was the main contact for the enabling works contractor for HS2 Ltd. There was a debate over roads named on the notices of road closures to residents not being named correctly. CS will check with BCC on the correct naming. Slit trenches will be commenced shortly – these are to ascertain if utilities exist beneath the road surface. Notification of the road closures have been issued to residents and two roads will not be closed at the same time. Future work – skim works on Calvert bridge; Calvert bridge demolition and rebuild. PG had a list of questions prepared – 1) is there an outline of the programme works – yes, will be available in March 2) why no co-ordination plan between HS2 Ltd and E/W rail is there – this will be included in the above programme. There are plans to put on an event in Calvert Green dually hosted by HS2 Ltd and E/W rail. Questions were raised regarding potholes and the condition of the roads – road condition surveys are being carried out at present. CS will go back about concerns that roads will not be reinstated until the end of the project) 3 communications to local schools regarding road closures etc… - yes, schools, AVDC and BCC will be informed. 4) Sidings – the move of these needs to be addressed by the end of quarter 1 otherwise it will not happen – CS will find out what the situation is. SG explained to the meeting that Fusion were looking to invest in the community – activities in playing fields, school grounds etc.  Questions were raised over the amount of mud on roads – SG said that all lorries had facilities to clean wheels. There will be a commonplace website where notices, maps etc. relevant to Bucks can be viewed.
October 2016 - HOL petition:-  /sites/default/files/minutes/HoL%20select%20committee%20petition%20summary.pdf
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Cllr Phil Gaskin
16 April 2016 - House of Lords HS2 Petition 
19 October 2015 - Cllr Phil Gaskin represented Calvert Green PC at the Select Committee petition here is the link for the recording of the petition:
Relevant petition documents:  
/sites/default/files/20150720_PRD_Calvert%20Green%20Parish%20Council_1804.pdf   /sites/default/files/HS2%20PC%20Petition%20-%20low%20res_0.pdf
24th May 2014 - The HS2 petition document has now been submitted for Calvert Green you can read it here: